Sunday, November 22, 2009

So maybe it won't be done by Thanksgiving...

Still not able to place the pictures where I wanted to place them, I finally gave up and posted my October post anyway!

Ryan and Kristin and the kids came from the Dalles last weekend and helped sheetrock enough so they could install the garage door tracks and openers. Thank you, thank you for making the sacrifice to come, guys! Hope the thumb is okay, Ryan...

The doors were put on last week and they look fabulous. Craig installed the back man-door but still no electricity. The gable was put up yesterday so we can move onto wiring. After electricity, we insulate and sheet rock (including framing out the wall next to the house) and finish the soffit(sorry for the spelling). Somehere in there we move the Avista meter from the outside of the house (now in the garage) to the outside of the garage. This is the part that concerns me the most...

We cannot express the deep love and appreciation we feel for all those that sacrificed their time and many talents to help us get this far. The list is long and we are grateful beyond words. This has long been a dream for us, especially Craig, and we appreciate all of the help. We have much to be thankful for this holiday season. Good friends, good family, Good News. (the gospel)

Monday, October 12, 2009

Work in Progress

We are in the middle of a grand adventure, building a garage! We began in July by removing the bushes and fence from the side yard. What a difference it made! It opened up the entire yard. Hmmm . . . only to close it up again with a 28 x 28 foot garage! Crazy! Unfortunately, sacrifices had to be made. I lost my only east facing window, my dining room window. I love the morning sun so you might see me sitting on top of the garage roof with cereal bowl, facing east.

We had an amazing crew of eight men come last saturday (this was written in the middle of October!) to help frame and put up the trusses. I can't begin to express our gratitude. We are doing most of this ourselves with help and encouragment from those who actually know what they are doing!

After Craig finishes a few things we move on to roofing (ok, so done!)and then electrical, YUCK! Not looking forward to that! We are looking at lots of moisture this week and were hoping to get the roof up before it hit but... it is not to be! You know, life happens! We just feel very blessed to be building this at all. Here is a look at the progress, so far...

Craig is so excited he can hardly sleep. It is like Christmas Eve everytime something new happens on the garage. It is fun to watch! We hope to be completed by Thanksgiving.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Wannabe Athlete

So, I have always been a walker, not a jogger or a runner, a walker. Last week in preparation for the Trek, Craig and I were walking some major hills. As I am huffing and puffing up these hills, I am thinking, "If you can do this, YOU CAN JOG!" So on Friday I jogged about 1 1/2 miles of my walk. I was feeling good except for a little twinge in my hip that night after sitting in the truck for an hour. Not bad, I am thinking. Saturday afternoon we hiked around Round Lake with our boots on so I figured I better skip the jogging! This morning I jogged about the same amount, a mile and a half and walked the rest.
Here is my question: Do I continue like this for a few weeks? Do I add more jogging each day, week, month? We have the Trek this Thursday, Friday and Saturday so I don't want to add too much this week. I also don't want to injure anything so I can't do any type of exercise. Any suggestions from those who know about this stuff? I am forty-six and getting kind of old!!! Too old to start?
To tell you the truth, I am excited about this. I never thought I could be a jogger but I have always been a jogger wannabe!

Monday, July 27, 2009

July in Utah

Last week Craig and I were able to go to Utah to visit his family and Kristen and Dave. Fabulous time! I don't think we sat down very much but it was fun. Craig's mom put together a family dinner for Monday which really helps us. We love to see everyone but it is impossible to get around to everyone! We did get to see all of Craig's brothers and sisters that live in Utah at this party so that was great. Besides there are all of these cute nephews and nieces that we love to see but who wants a visit from Uncle Craig and Aunt Carrie! So can't fit it in the schedule! Throw in food, a pool and a little old fashioned parental guilt and a few of them will show up! Thanks, Goodrich clan! Love to see you guys!
We got to divide our time between Dave and Kristen and Grandma. That is a tough choice, let me tell you! My A-list when we left was - a shaved ice, fabric stores, and walking a canyon. All of list was accomplished, whew! I don't think Craig ever did get his BYU Creamery, bummer!
We had a great dinner with Kristen and Dave and his parents, Brian and Sheri. It was probably one of the highlights. Great people, great conversation! Sheri ran the Deseret News Marathon last week with a killer time. She is crazy, gorgeous and in unbelievable shape,but crazy!
Too many great times to write but it was just fun to be in Utah and with such fabulous people. Thanks for letting us come!

p.s. again, the camera stayed in the glove box the entire time! I need Kristin to snap pictures. She is the best!

4th of July with Family

We had a great Fourth of July with all of our kids here. I wish I had great pictures but.. I don't think I took the camera out once. We did have someone take some family pictures so I will post some when I get the disc. Kristen and Dave came the farthest, Provo, Utah. Nathan and Ashley came the next farthest, Rexburg, Idaho. Ryan and Kristin came the least but with the most people! from the Dalles, Oregon. We had a good time visiting, playing cards and other games, and eating yummy barbeque. One morning we went to Post Falls and played on the beach and in the FREEZING water.

Our family has always played games for entertainment, sometimes board games but alot of cards. Poor Kristin, Dave and Ashley! Not only did they marry into the strange Wilkinson family but now they have to play games. Ooohhh... BUT! Dave always finds the best games. This time he brought BANG! It is a card/cowboy game. One person is the sheriff, one the renegade, three deputies, and two outlaws. You can guess the strategies that go with this game since we don't know who anyone is but the sheriff, poor guy! Fun game.

Everyone was kind enough to come back this year for our 4th of July bbq. Susan and Bob's family came along with the Rosenbaum's and my kids. Kristin's sister, Kaylee and her husband, also joined the fun. There was lots of great food and Bree's pasta salad was killer with the curry!

The slip 'n slide was a big hit! The kids kept themselves occupied for quite awhile and the adults slipped in at the end. Sorry if you missed some of the crazier Wilkinson adults enjoying the water, as well. It was too great!

Craig and I so enjoy our family and miss them when we are apart. It looks like 2010 sometime is the next time the Wilkinson family will invade Otis Orchards. We can't wait!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Thank You notes

I am going to write a short editorial because I feel the need. A few weeks ago I loaned a book to a cute fifth grader at my school. This is not an unusual occurance. I lend many books. But this WAS the first time I have ever received a note of thanks. I was so touched that beautiful miss CL would take the time to acknowledge my deed. It caused me to think of my own actions and whether I show enough gratitude for the kindnesses shown to me. My note-writing, thankfulness skills have been sadly lacking. I am determined to be better. Thanks, CL for showing me the way!

Mother's Day

Once again my life is transitioning. This was my first Mother's Day with no children at home. Hmmm, what's the purpose of celebrating if none of the kids whom you mothered are here?!? My sweet husband and kids stepped up to the plate and made it a great day. I received a card on Saturday from one son and two more on Monday, they were trying to spread out the celebration! Good job, kids! All of the cards made me a little teary but one in particular caused me to sit right down and weep. Ryan and Kristin made some great cards that the kids helped with. One had little pockets with tiny cards that they recorded specific things they were thankful for. How cute is that? I was thankful that the pocket wasn't too big. That could be embarrasing to have to come up with too many kind things to say! Look at who there mother is, HELLO!

So, thanks kids for making my Mother's Day weekend a special time. Being a mom is one of my choicest blessings. I am so proud of all of you and your choices. I always wanted more children and my prayers have been answered, three of each! Thanks for being patient with me, for teaching me and loving me. My cup runneth over...

ps - Craig made the day great, too. He gets his own blog next month!

Monday, April 27, 2009

I Spy

For my birthday my sister, Judy, made a beautiful lap quilt. It is an "I Spy" quilt. Well, I tried it out this last weekend when we went to the Dalles to visit Ryan and Kristin and the kids. It was a hit! The kids sat on the couch with me as we searched for Popsicles, dragons, soccer balls and more. Later we spread it on the floor and discovered more great treasures. When we were packing to come home Dylan said, "next time you come, Grammy, you can bring your I SPY quilt." It was so fun to sit and discover together. Thanks, Judy, for the great treasure!

If you look closely at the picture my sister found random fabrics and created pictures within the quilt. You know the books where you say, "find a crayon, or a clown" and they search the pictures. The concept is the same. The quilt itself is beautiful and timeless and the colorful patches catch the eye and the imagination. This gift will certainly get lots of use over the years.

Monday, April 6, 2009


Last week Craig and I were able to travel to Portland via Sammamish to see the play Wicked. It was fabulous! Can I say that too many times? It was amazing! We drove with Judy and Beau, who was a great sport since he had major surgery the day before. When we arrived in Portland we checked into our hotel right on a beautiful river downtown. Craig and I went exploring while Beau rested his sore leg and back. Walking through downtown Portland was so much fun, wet, but fun! They have beautiful little parks and interesting shops. We had no immediate timetable or restraints, the gift of empty-nesting!

Room service delivered a yummy dinner while we prepared for the eight o'clock show. Of course, there has to be a glitch. I forgot my black tank top and had to use a safety pin instead. It didn't look as cute but there was no time to run to a store. As Craig and I were finishing our last minute preparations we received a phone call. The play didn't start at eight but at seven thirty! Yikes! It must have been hilarious watching us run down the sidewalk pushing Beau in a wheelchair trying not to miss the opening.

The play was beyond wonderful! Even though I missed the first number of the second act, that's another story, it totally exceeded my expectations. The cast was superb, including the understudy for Glinda. Awesome

The next morning we were able to attend the Portland temple before we headed back to Sammamish. Stunning! I love going to different temples.

Because it was General Conference weekend and we didn't need to be back for meetings, Beau and Judy had to put up with us until Sunday afternoon. Poor Parnells... We came back relaxed and rejuvinated. What a great Spring Break! Dare I say, we had a wicked time!

Friday, March 27, 2009

That's good. No, that's bad!

I have wanted to blog for awhile but didn't have a cute picture. Oh well, here is a blog with no cute picture where everyone says, "oh, sweet!" I am blogging in the style of one of my favorite children's books.

Ryan and Kristin are moving to the Dalles Oregon on Monday. That's good! NO! That's bad. None of our children will be living in Spokane! They didn't even ask if they could take the grandkids with them, rude! Who am I going to babysit now? What excuse can I make up to make cookies now? Who can I cuddle with that still fits on my lap? Craig is cute but he doesn't fit on my lap! I will miss them more than I can say. There is comfort in having some family close.

Ryan and Kristin are moving to the Dalles on Monday. That's bad. NO! That's good. They are making great choices for their future. Ryan is continuing with his schooling so he can provide well for his family. It will be a great adventure for their them. Kristin will get to live by her mom, the normal one! From what I have heard the Dalles is fabulous. It is warm and sunny and right along the Columbia river which is beautiful. It is only four and half hours away, not the East Coast!

To tell you the truth, I miss my kids. Everyday I wish we lived closer. I know they are all their own families now but this transition stuff is difficult! You would think it would be a breeze by now. We have been saying good-bye to Ryan since he was eighteen, both of the boys served missions and Kristen went away to school. Get a grip, Carrie!

I guess Craig and I will be spending alot of time traveling. . . Sorry kids. Blow up the mattresses!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Grammy time

The weekend after Valentine's Day we were lucky enough to have Dylan and Leila over so Ryan and Kristin could have a little bit of time alone. Okay, so they still had Cohen but at least he doesn't run around yet and he eats everything put in front of him!

Dylan came with his recipe book of nutritious foods. He was determined to make Chocolate Peanut butter Banana Smoothies. Dylan is a big fan of snacks and treats. After much measuring, blending and taste-testing, they slurped up their movie treats. We watched "the Incredibles" and snuggled on the couch. Before bed we read books and snuggled some more. Dylan had his "boogie-boogie"(the green creature on the couch) and Leila had her fuzzy monkey. I have to tell you, Kristin is an amazing mother. Those kids go to bed sooooo well! We used to have to put a gate up to keep Ryan in his bed and it still didn't work! Kristin is fabulous!

We made letter pancakes for breakfast and played until Mom and Dad came to break up the fun. Being a Grammy is the best! We will babysit grandkids any time guys!
ps If anyone can tell me how to remove a picture once I have put it on the page, let me know. I tried to get rid of one and couldn't! I shrunk it but that is all I could do...

Monday, February 16, 2009

So this Valentine's Day was my turn, we trade off years. I bought an empty paint can and decorated it, red of course! I put in certificates and menus and plans of what we were doing that day. We had a great day which included a chilly walk on the trail, hawaiian kabobs, huckleberry cheesecake, a movie and other fun things. But I have to tell you, Craig really won this year! I am spoiled, I know. Sometimes he heats up an old rice pack and puts it in between the sheets where my feet go. Well, it died a few weeks ago and I thought nothing of it. Craig, my cute husband, bought fabric, went to Noreen's quilt shop and sewed a new heat pack for me. He spoke to a few people and they recommended filling it with flax. It was such a surprise and sooooo great! He wins husband of the year! Am I lucky, or what?!?!

Last weekend we spent in Rexburg visiting Ashley and Nathan. We had a fabulous time. Kristen and Dave surprised us by coming up from Provo. Thanks, Dave! I can't tell you how blessed I feel everyday to have such a great family, not perfect, ( who can blame them, you know who their parents are!) but absolutely wonderful! All of our birth children have chosen spouses who are perfect for them. "Thank You" just doesn't seem enough sometimes.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Here goes my first attempt at blogging. Be patient, be kind! Although I teach writing at school, I rarely apply it at home. My journal is not very exciting. I am hoping I get eternity points just for keeping one! Do we get eternal creativity points? I better work on that!
Craig and I had an amazing Christmas with ALL of our children and grandchildren home. We played cards, shoveled snow, ate yummy food, shoveled snow, sat by the fire, and enjoyed our time together. I so enjoy my family!
We welcomed a new grandbaby on January 11. Beautiful Cohen Glade Wilkinson made his first appearance at 10:07 pm. Craig, being the wonderful grandpa that he is, was watching Dylan and Leila at home while I was at the hospital. I cannot tell you what it feels like to watch a mom and dad work together to bring a baby into the world. Although Kristin did the truly hard work, it was great to see them work together. We love all of our kids and applaud their choices of spouses. We really do look forward to the years we have to get to know them better.