Monday, July 27, 2009

July in Utah

Last week Craig and I were able to go to Utah to visit his family and Kristen and Dave. Fabulous time! I don't think we sat down very much but it was fun. Craig's mom put together a family dinner for Monday which really helps us. We love to see everyone but it is impossible to get around to everyone! We did get to see all of Craig's brothers and sisters that live in Utah at this party so that was great. Besides there are all of these cute nephews and nieces that we love to see but who wants a visit from Uncle Craig and Aunt Carrie! So can't fit it in the schedule! Throw in food, a pool and a little old fashioned parental guilt and a few of them will show up! Thanks, Goodrich clan! Love to see you guys!
We got to divide our time between Dave and Kristen and Grandma. That is a tough choice, let me tell you! My A-list when we left was - a shaved ice, fabric stores, and walking a canyon. All of list was accomplished, whew! I don't think Craig ever did get his BYU Creamery, bummer!
We had a great dinner with Kristen and Dave and his parents, Brian and Sheri. It was probably one of the highlights. Great people, great conversation! Sheri ran the Deseret News Marathon last week with a killer time. She is crazy, gorgeous and in unbelievable shape,but crazy!
Too many great times to write but it was just fun to be in Utah and with such fabulous people. Thanks for letting us come!

p.s. again, the camera stayed in the glove box the entire time! I need Kristin to snap pictures. She is the best!

4th of July with Family

We had a great Fourth of July with all of our kids here. I wish I had great pictures but.. I don't think I took the camera out once. We did have someone take some family pictures so I will post some when I get the disc. Kristen and Dave came the farthest, Provo, Utah. Nathan and Ashley came the next farthest, Rexburg, Idaho. Ryan and Kristin came the least but with the most people! from the Dalles, Oregon. We had a good time visiting, playing cards and other games, and eating yummy barbeque. One morning we went to Post Falls and played on the beach and in the FREEZING water.

Our family has always played games for entertainment, sometimes board games but alot of cards. Poor Kristin, Dave and Ashley! Not only did they marry into the strange Wilkinson family but now they have to play games. Ooohhh... BUT! Dave always finds the best games. This time he brought BANG! It is a card/cowboy game. One person is the sheriff, one the renegade, three deputies, and two outlaws. You can guess the strategies that go with this game since we don't know who anyone is but the sheriff, poor guy! Fun game.

Everyone was kind enough to come back this year for our 4th of July bbq. Susan and Bob's family came along with the Rosenbaum's and my kids. Kristin's sister, Kaylee and her husband, also joined the fun. There was lots of great food and Bree's pasta salad was killer with the curry!

The slip 'n slide was a big hit! The kids kept themselves occupied for quite awhile and the adults slipped in at the end. Sorry if you missed some of the crazier Wilkinson adults enjoying the water, as well. It was too great!

Craig and I so enjoy our family and miss them when we are apart. It looks like 2010 sometime is the next time the Wilkinson family will invade Otis Orchards. We can't wait!