Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Oregon Coast...Heaven!

This is their Minpin, Meecka. Such a cute thing! ALMOST makes me want another dog!

I know this isn't the sea perch but I'm not sure what it. Whatever it was it sure was good after Carie got through with it!

Okay, so this is Barbie (Carie) and Skipper (Carrie). She is tall, blond and gorgeous! My lot in life is to be the short, squat, brunette side-kick!

Lois and two of her five boys, Paul and Craig. She is one proud mama!

This is one homely fish! I was shopping in Seaside while these bad boys were being caught!

This last weekend Craig and were able to take his mom, Lois, to Astoria for a visit. We left her with Paul and Carie, Craig's brother and sister-in-law. What a fabulous time! Craig has really missed being close to is brother so this was a perfect trip. They fished on Cannon Beach, off the slough and crabbed in Seaside (I think!) Their lovely home is right by the water and filled with love and light. They hosted a family bbq on Sunday afternoon and cooked up a spectacular fish fry on Monday with the fish they caught that morning. YUM! I will need to ask Craig again what kind of fish they were. I know one was a sea perch but the other two were.... I know one had blue flesh until it was cooked!

Much love and thanks to Paul and Carie for the perfect weekend. We love you lots!