Monday, February 16, 2009

So this Valentine's Day was my turn, we trade off years. I bought an empty paint can and decorated it, red of course! I put in certificates and menus and plans of what we were doing that day. We had a great day which included a chilly walk on the trail, hawaiian kabobs, huckleberry cheesecake, a movie and other fun things. But I have to tell you, Craig really won this year! I am spoiled, I know. Sometimes he heats up an old rice pack and puts it in between the sheets where my feet go. Well, it died a few weeks ago and I thought nothing of it. Craig, my cute husband, bought fabric, went to Noreen's quilt shop and sewed a new heat pack for me. He spoke to a few people and they recommended filling it with flax. It was such a surprise and sooooo great! He wins husband of the year! Am I lucky, or what?!?!

Last weekend we spent in Rexburg visiting Ashley and Nathan. We had a fabulous time. Kristen and Dave surprised us by coming up from Provo. Thanks, Dave! I can't tell you how blessed I feel everyday to have such a great family, not perfect, ( who can blame them, you know who their parents are!) but absolutely wonderful! All of our birth children have chosen spouses who are perfect for them. "Thank You" just doesn't seem enough sometimes.