Friday, March 27, 2009

That's good. No, that's bad!

I have wanted to blog for awhile but didn't have a cute picture. Oh well, here is a blog with no cute picture where everyone says, "oh, sweet!" I am blogging in the style of one of my favorite children's books.

Ryan and Kristin are moving to the Dalles Oregon on Monday. That's good! NO! That's bad. None of our children will be living in Spokane! They didn't even ask if they could take the grandkids with them, rude! Who am I going to babysit now? What excuse can I make up to make cookies now? Who can I cuddle with that still fits on my lap? Craig is cute but he doesn't fit on my lap! I will miss them more than I can say. There is comfort in having some family close.

Ryan and Kristin are moving to the Dalles on Monday. That's bad. NO! That's good. They are making great choices for their future. Ryan is continuing with his schooling so he can provide well for his family. It will be a great adventure for their them. Kristin will get to live by her mom, the normal one! From what I have heard the Dalles is fabulous. It is warm and sunny and right along the Columbia river which is beautiful. It is only four and half hours away, not the East Coast!

To tell you the truth, I miss my kids. Everyday I wish we lived closer. I know they are all their own families now but this transition stuff is difficult! You would think it would be a breeze by now. We have been saying good-bye to Ryan since he was eighteen, both of the boys served missions and Kristen went away to school. Get a grip, Carrie!

I guess Craig and I will be spending alot of time traveling. . . Sorry kids. Blow up the mattresses!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Grammy time

The weekend after Valentine's Day we were lucky enough to have Dylan and Leila over so Ryan and Kristin could have a little bit of time alone. Okay, so they still had Cohen but at least he doesn't run around yet and he eats everything put in front of him!

Dylan came with his recipe book of nutritious foods. He was determined to make Chocolate Peanut butter Banana Smoothies. Dylan is a big fan of snacks and treats. After much measuring, blending and taste-testing, they slurped up their movie treats. We watched "the Incredibles" and snuggled on the couch. Before bed we read books and snuggled some more. Dylan had his "boogie-boogie"(the green creature on the couch) and Leila had her fuzzy monkey. I have to tell you, Kristin is an amazing mother. Those kids go to bed sooooo well! We used to have to put a gate up to keep Ryan in his bed and it still didn't work! Kristin is fabulous!

We made letter pancakes for breakfast and played until Mom and Dad came to break up the fun. Being a Grammy is the best! We will babysit grandkids any time guys!
ps If anyone can tell me how to remove a picture once I have put it on the page, let me know. I tried to get rid of one and couldn't! I shrunk it but that is all I could do...