Friday, May 15, 2009

Thank You notes

I am going to write a short editorial because I feel the need. A few weeks ago I loaned a book to a cute fifth grader at my school. This is not an unusual occurance. I lend many books. But this WAS the first time I have ever received a note of thanks. I was so touched that beautiful miss CL would take the time to acknowledge my deed. It caused me to think of my own actions and whether I show enough gratitude for the kindnesses shown to me. My note-writing, thankfulness skills have been sadly lacking. I am determined to be better. Thanks, CL for showing me the way!

Mother's Day

Once again my life is transitioning. This was my first Mother's Day with no children at home. Hmmm, what's the purpose of celebrating if none of the kids whom you mothered are here?!? My sweet husband and kids stepped up to the plate and made it a great day. I received a card on Saturday from one son and two more on Monday, they were trying to spread out the celebration! Good job, kids! All of the cards made me a little teary but one in particular caused me to sit right down and weep. Ryan and Kristin made some great cards that the kids helped with. One had little pockets with tiny cards that they recorded specific things they were thankful for. How cute is that? I was thankful that the pocket wasn't too big. That could be embarrasing to have to come up with too many kind things to say! Look at who there mother is, HELLO!

So, thanks kids for making my Mother's Day weekend a special time. Being a mom is one of my choicest blessings. I am so proud of all of you and your choices. I always wanted more children and my prayers have been answered, three of each! Thanks for being patient with me, for teaching me and loving me. My cup runneth over...

ps - Craig made the day great, too. He gets his own blog next month!