Monday, October 12, 2009

Work in Progress

We are in the middle of a grand adventure, building a garage! We began in July by removing the bushes and fence from the side yard. What a difference it made! It opened up the entire yard. Hmmm . . . only to close it up again with a 28 x 28 foot garage! Crazy! Unfortunately, sacrifices had to be made. I lost my only east facing window, my dining room window. I love the morning sun so you might see me sitting on top of the garage roof with cereal bowl, facing east.

We had an amazing crew of eight men come last saturday (this was written in the middle of October!) to help frame and put up the trusses. I can't begin to express our gratitude. We are doing most of this ourselves with help and encouragment from those who actually know what they are doing!

After Craig finishes a few things we move on to roofing (ok, so done!)and then electrical, YUCK! Not looking forward to that! We are looking at lots of moisture this week and were hoping to get the roof up before it hit but... it is not to be! You know, life happens! We just feel very blessed to be building this at all. Here is a look at the progress, so far...

Craig is so excited he can hardly sleep. It is like Christmas Eve everytime something new happens on the garage. It is fun to watch! We hope to be completed by Thanksgiving.