Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Happy Holidays!

This year at Thanksgiving we all met in Utah where Craig's mom and most of his family live. It seemed to be the most central meeting place for everyone. Morgan, Kristin's amazing sister-in-law, scouted out the location and took the photos. About ten minutes into the shoot it started blowing and hailing, crazy!!! I am thankful to have the great pictures, thanks Morgan!
Dave and Kristen and Kylie are still in Provo. Dave is working hard to finish his Masters in Civil Engineering. Kristen does hair at home and chases a very active Kylie!!!
Nate and Ashley-living in Glendale, AZ while Nate is attending Physical Therapy School. Ashley is working hard at a local hospital waiting to get into the Physician's Assistant program.
Ryan and Kristin are living the dream in Redmond OR. Ryan is in the apprentice program with Bonneville Power and in another two years will be a substation operator. Dylan is seven and in first grade, Leila is five and in pre-k, Cohen is three in January, and Eva just turned one. They are busy, busy and happy, happy!
Can I tell you how blessed I am? Love my kids, their amazing spouses, and adorable grandkids, not to mention my fabulous husband of almost thirty years! We need a party!!!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Summer Fun

They let us take their picture before we left for home. Pretty good for a Sunday afternoon after sitting through church!
Water fight with the sponges! Thanks, Kathryn for the great idea!
The kids loved having Grandpa bounce them on the tramp.
We brought the energy level down for Eva J.
Eva cuddling with Grandpa and wondering why I was taking her picture!
Last weekend we went to Redmond to visit Ryan, Kristin and the kids. Dylan is now seven, Leila is four and will be five in November, Cohen is two and will be three in January and Eva will be one in September. Eva is walking and trying to keep up with the big kids. She is full of personality and fun.
We spent the weekend jumping on the trampoline, having water fights with sponges, putting handprints on pillowcases, having a tea party, eating yummy food and generally having a great time! Thanks for letting us come.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Sad times...

My dad passed away today at noon... not sure what else to say. He is not hurting anymore and not missing my mom anymore. Wanted to say, Happy Day! but that sounds odd because I feel so sad. I guess I will just say, "Love ya, Dad."