Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Weekend

We were lucky enough to have Ryan and Kristin, Dylan, Leila and Cohen for Easter. Here are a few shots of dying eggs, the hunt and random pictures of the kids. Note the picture of Cohen emptying the shelf of books. I know his dad has a similar picture in his scrapbook except it was albums. Oh, come on! You remember albums! The things we listened to before we had cassette tapes and then cds! The Ryan and Kristin Wilkinson family will be moving to Redmond Oregon the first of June so this will be their last trip for awhile. We appreciate the effort it takes to travel with three kids! Thanks, guys. You are the best!

Happy Birthday, Kylie Marie

I am home and semi-settled so I thought I would add some photos of our newest little miracle, Kylie. It is an amazing thing to watch your daughter have a daughter. Kristen did so well and with Dave by her side they totally rocked! Thanks guys for letting me be part of the fun.