Monday, February 6, 2012


This year Craig and I will be celebrating our 30th wedding Oahu! I can't tell you how excited we are!!! We are the original definition of cautious and boring but we decided to go for it. We chose this island because we wanted to see Pearl Harbor, the Polynesian Cultural Center and the temple. If we ever get to go again, we will choose another island but for now we are just thrilled to go to Hawaii. We go in the fall so I am, of course, vowing to lose millions of pounds and have a bathing suit body....yeah right! Who am I kidding? I turn fifty this December, not going to happen!
If any of you happen to have great advice or ideas, please share. My heart is pounding just thinking about it!!!! Aloha:)

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  1. Spend money when you go! Get the pass for the Polynesian cultural center so you can go for more than a day. Buy the tickets online before you go.
    The North Shore is awesome. Quieter, fun to drive around, lots of beaches. Waikiki is fun for very small waves if you just want to hang out. North Shore waves are bigger, better for surfing and boogie boarding, I would assume. I was pregnant when I went so I wasn't too adventurous. Also, we went in April, so it will be a different season. I'm so excited for you both! You'll love it.