Thursday, October 28, 2010

Images of Autumn

Kylie in the pumpkins....

Random pictures from this October. Kylie at Apple Festival. Loved those apples!

Grandpa and Leila reading Craig's favorite author, Mercer Mayer!

Cohen and Dylan... after decorating Halloween cookies, they simply must be tested for quality control purposes!

Grammyand Dylan testing the lights for family pictures. Great shot! Great kid!

Playtime with Grandpa! Here comes Cohen...

Ryan, Kristin, Dylan, Leila, Cohen and Eva. Love the plaid!

First day of church, Primary program, I think...

Blessing Day! My sister, Nancy made the gorgeous dress and bonnet.

How lucky am I? I missed seeing Nate and Ashley and Dave this fall... hopefully in the next few months... Nate graduates December 17 so we will go for graduation in Rexburg then on to Utah to see DAVE and Kristen and Craig's family before we come back to Spokane for Christmas.


  1. Beautiful family Carrie! How lucky are you! And little Eva is adorable!

  2. Love the pics of EVERYTHING! We love being with you guys!

  3. Okay, I was just looking at the pic of Dyl and Cohen and realized that I am going to have two HANDSOME teenage boys one day, each unique, but both HANDSOME! Love 'em!

  4. Surprise! I found your blog! It's darling! Fabulous pictures! Those granchildren are growing up SO FAST!